A major effort will be made to institute an Asset Management system for the City’s drainage infrastructure. This will involve inventorying and documenting in a GIS system all of the City’s drainage infrastructure, determining the condition of the infrastructure and then using that information to guide maintenance activities and inform decisions on major repairs or replacement.

A secondary emphasis is aligning all stormwater efforts within the City to get the best outcomes for our citizens. These efforts include water quality improvements, flood reduction, drainage maintenance and flood plain management.

Part of the effort to align missions within the City is acknowledging that stormwater issues fall into two broad, interrelated categories: stormwater quality and quantity. In recognition of this, the overall program will be named the Memphis Stormwater Quality and Quantity Program, or MSQ2 for short.


One of the first major initiatives under MSQ2 is the Belt Line Green Infrastructure Project. The City is proposing a suite of projects in the vicinity of the Belt Line neighborhood to alleviate flooding problems in the area. The initiative will represent an investment in the Belt Line area of approximately $15M.


Development of detention on the fairgrounds property to allow for rainwater infiltration and reduced run-off rate to the Belt Line neighborhood.

Establishment of neighborhood greenspace that will double as flood water storage.

Returning sections of concrete channels to a more natural state to improve water quality.

Upsizing or removal of culverts to eliminate drainage bottlenecks.

Reconfiguration of Hollywood Street to connect the Belt Line / Fairgrounds area to the future extension of the Greenline while incorporating elements to capture and slow stormwater run-off.