A program that enhances quality of life through sustainable, equitable, and innovative solutions for flood reduction and water quality improvements to support Memphis as the City of Choice in which to live, learn, work and play.

The primary focus of the MSQ2  Program Team will be to address flooding issues in the City of Memphis in a transparent and fiscally responsible manner. We will work to evolve the City’s approach from being reactive to flooding events to pro-actively identifying areas at risk of flooding and finding ways to mitigate those risks.

Yes.  The Stormwater Master Plan consists of various Drainage Studies. Link to the Studies page:


Any questions regarding the City of Memphis’ involvement in the National Flood Insurance Program can be directed to the Division of Engineering’s Civil Design Bureau at 901-636-6700.

All flooding concerns will be evaluated. However, issues will be addressed based on frequency and severity.

Enhancing the capacity of the drainage system by increasing culvert size, installing detention, and placing green infrastructure where feasible.

Proposed projects will be categorized based on the type of issue, frequency of occurrence, and number of properties affected.

This would be a private matter between property owners. The City cannot get involved in these matters.

  1. In case of immediate life-threatening concerns, contact 911.